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Lashes and Eyebrows

The eyes and brows frame your face beautifully and we help you to put your best face forward.

Brow shaping will help frame your eyes, and brow tinting to help those with lighter brows, to have them looking good on your face.

Lash tinting is great for those with fairer lashes, that appear short until we tint them and their full length appears.

Lash Extensions give you a lovely long lash look, with minimal daily maintenance, just top ups etc 2-3 weeks as your natural lashes shed.

Eyelash extensions can be done in a selection of curls, lengths and thicknesses.

Volume lashes are finer in thickness (.05-.07mm) and more that one extension can be placed on each lash giving a fine, yet full look. These lashes are also ideal for those who have fine lashes that are unable to take the heavier lashes without causing them to droop.

To achieve that full, mascaraed look we have the thicker .10-.15mm lashes. These lashes are placed one extension to one lash, and have a more made up look about them.

If you're not sure which would suit you, feel free to discuss the options with us. We can also quietly increase or decrease the thickness or length of lashes at your top up appointments.

Eyelash Extensions:

New Set of Lash Extensions - $99
Silk Lash Special - $75 (.15mm thick 10-12mm length)
lash Top up - One week - $28
Lash Top up - Fortnightly - $51
Lash Top up - 3 weekly - $66
Lash Extension Removal - $25

Tints and Wax: Lash Tint - $18
Brow Tint - $18
Brow Shape - $18
Upper lip wax - $18
Chin wax - $18

Eyelash Extensions:

Combos: Brow Upper lip, and chin wax - $35
Tint combo - $34 (lash and brow tint)
Brow combo - $33 (brow wax and tint)
Eye combo - $45 (brow and lash tint and brow wax)