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Snowberry Gentle Cleanse and Tone 100ml (3.40 fl.oz.)

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Snowberry Gentle Cleanse and Tone 100ml (3.40 fl.oz.)

Here's something very different...Snowberry's Gentle Cleanse & Tone is actually a natural plant extract soft-foam cleanser that also tones! This is the ideal two-in-one cleanser-toner that replenishes the skin and leaves it feeling beautifully refreshed, firm and glowing without the use of harsh volatile alcohols and surfactants. You won't see much foam, says Soraya, but your skin will love how this magical blend of natural plant saponins works day after day without the slightest risk of damaging the epidermal barrier or causing the increasingly common chronic low level inflammation evident for many women. Suitable for all skin types, apply a small amount to the palm of the hand and mix with a little water, then massage over entire face and eye area. Rinse and pat dry. Day after day and year after year.

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