Blinc Black Lash Primer

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Blinc Black Lash Primer
Blinc Black Lash Primer
Blinc Black Lash Primer
Blinc Black Lash Primer
Blinc Black Lash Primer


New & Improved Formula for Even Greater Volume! 
Your lashes are exposed to the same environmental stresses as the rest of your body. Additional demands include continuous mascara application, curling, pulling and rubbing. Lash treatment is something that is often ignored, yet your lashes play such an important role in how you look.

blinc lash primer was developed to volumize and nourish your eyelashes. Its building properties create a base coat  surrounding even the smallest lashes with incredible volume and length that amplifies your mascara’s effect.
blinc lash primer is enriched with vitamin E, thus providing greater protection from damage caused by overheating, free radicals and environmental stresses. Long lasting, vitamin-enriched conditioning and healing agents fortify your lashes to increase their resistance to breakage. blinc lash primer leaves no buildup, is dye-free and does not contain any fragrances that may irritate your eyes.


For treatment benefits:

  • Apply one or two coats before going to bed or wearing mascara.

Note: Also great for your eyebrows.

For eyelash enhancement:

  • Apply one coat and let it set for 30 seconds.
  • Keep applying coats until the desired lash volume, length and separation is achieved, always letting it 30 seconds in between coats.
  • You may then apply your mascara.


  • blinc lash primer is automatically removed along with your mascara or on its own with lots of warm water.

Note: For additional application tips please read the leaflet found inside each container.



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