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Men's Waxing

Brow wax $20
Nose wax $18
Ear Wax $18

Brow/Nose/Ear wax combo $40

Chest and Abdomen wax $65
Back wax $56

Underarm wax $32
Forearm wax $30
Full arm wax on $43

Waxing Services - Men
Bro-Zillian (Brazilian) wax $80
Speedo wax (Mens Bikini wax) $55
Half Leg wax $45
Full Leg wax $75

Brow, Nose and Ear wax combo $40
Back, Chest, and Abdomen wax combo $110
Bro-Zillian and Full Leg wax combo $ $155
Full Body wax $270

We ensure we use the highest of hygiene methods. That means no double dipping of hot wax spatulas ever.

Waxing Preparation and Aftercare:


Whether it’s your first wax with us, or your first wax at all, there are a few things you should know to help achieve the best possible results.

• To guarantee the most effective treatment, let your hair grow out at least 0.5cm long.

• Gently exfoliate your skin before your appointment.

• Waxing should be preformed before any tanning procedures. Allow 24 hours after waxing before booking a spray tan or sunbed.

• Waxing appointment lengths are an estimate. If you are scheduled for a 30 minute treatment, it does not necessarily mean it will last 30 minutes. We want to make it as quick and painless for you as possible. At your appointment If it is your first time with us, your therapist will preform a quick consultation with you to ensure the best results. Make sure you tell your therapist....

• About any allergies, health conditions or if you have ever had any problems with waxing in the past.

• If you are on any medication, including medications for acne.

• The types of skin care you are using, such as Vitamin A, retinal, skin lighteners, or AHA’s such as glycolic, lactic, salicylic acids etc.

• If you have had any recent skin treatments such as IPL, Microdermabrasion or laser treatments etc.

• If you are shy or feel more comfortable with certain techniques. We can provide disposable underwear/g-strings and towels for coverage if you prefer. There are no right or wrong ways, just what is most comfortable for you.

• We are here to make you feel comfortable. If you are used to something in particular, please let us know.


• Don’t expect your skin to be perfectly normal after waxing. If you plan on wearing a swimsuit shortly after your wax, remember there may still be redness.

• Wait 24 hours before doing any exercise, including swimming to prevent any excess sweating. Raising your body temperature may irritate freshly plucked follicles.

• Wait 24 hours before/after going in the sun/sunbed as it increases skin sensitivity.

• Wait 24 hours before using any deodorant, moisturisers, make- up, or exfoliation.

• Special Mineral Makeup can be applied immediately after facial waxing to reduce • the appearance of redness. Mineral Make-up is available in store - ask your therapist for more information.

• Don’t shave between waxes – it distorts the hair growth cycle.

• After waxing, exfoliation should be done every day (every second day for sensitive skin). This will ensure the hair can breach the skin’s surface and avoid ingrown hairs.

• Wear cotton clothing to allow your skin to breathe.

• Come back for your next wax in 4-6 weeks. This is the recommended amount of time between waxes, however, it is different for everyone. Discuss with your therapist when to book your next appointment